The HUB-SBA Business Administration Program has developed a program to instruct students in the ways of corporate management. In addition to core knowledge of the concepts related to business management and finance, this program imbues students with a unique perspective and deep insight into the key issues of corporate management.

①Lectures (Core Courses and Elective Courses)
Students accumulate expert knowledge related to corporate management and acquire the deep insight and extensive conceptual understanding that is essential to high-level management. Students can learn the fundamentals of business management in the core courses and the more advanced concepts in the elective courses.
②Seminars: Introductory Workshops (latter half of the freshman year), Basic Workshops (latter half of freshman year), and Workshops (sophomore year)
The workshops that students participate in while studying in the HUB-SBA Business Administration program provide a venue for learning through close-knit interaction with faculty members and other group members.


The HUB-SBA Business Administration Program focuses on two educational methods to allow students to utilize the knowledge that they acquire: logical analysis and ingenuity in application. Although it may be possible to apply logic alone to formulate a plan or solution to a problem, it is often the case that application of the plan or solution requires ingenuity. This program assesses previous decisions and evaluates the success of plans and solutions.


Reasoning skills allow business leaders to clearly envision the future ahead, even when the future of a business is uncertain. The acquisition of such vision is developed through small-group instruction and discussions and a process of learning to read, write, and think perceptively.

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